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Program Details

The Lowe’s Cleveland Clinic Heart Benefit Program is offered to employees and covered dependents currently enrolled in the Lowe’s Copay Medical Plans and HDHP Medical Plan*.

Those needing non-emergent, complex heart procedures, who meet the program’s clinical requirements, can receive care from the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio — with all medical and travel expenses paid for by Lowe’s.

*Some employees may need to pay their medical plan's deductible first.

How it Works



Patient is diagnosed with a condition and calls Health Design Plus to confirm benefit eligibility.



Medical records reviewed by Cleveland Clinic to ensure appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan.



Approved patient is scheduled for surgery.



Patient and companion travel to Cleveland for pre-treatment appointments, educational session and treatment.



Cleveland Clinic follows up by phone at 7,14 and 30 days post-discharge. Patient follows up with home physician per the discharge plan.



Patient is ready to go back to work and an improved quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered by the Lowe’s Cleveland Clinic Heart Benefit Program?
  • Treatment and medications while the patient is at Cleveland Clinic.
    (Non-medical convenience items like telephone and companion meals in the hospital are not covered.)
  • Travel and lodging for patient and companion are company-paid.
Who is eligible for the Lowe’s Cleveland Clinic Heart Benefit Program?

The following initial criteria qualify a member for these services:

  • The patient is an employee or covered dependent with medical coverage through Lowe’s Copay Medical Plans or HDHP Medical Plan*
    (*Certain restrictions apply for members of the HDHP plan.)
  • The patient has seen a local physician for a heart-related condition, and has been recommended for a covered program procedure.
  • The patient meets clinical requirements evaluated by Cleveland Clinic surgeons through a second opinion.
    (Cleveland Clinic assists with obtaining medical records for the second opinion.)
  • The member’s local physician agrees to assume care for the member upon returning home.
    (Health Design Plus provides the necessary paperwork for coordinating with home physician.)
By accessing the Lowe’s Cleveland Clinic Heart Benefit, am I offending my home physician?
Not at all. This benefit ultimately is a partnership involving three parties: You, Cleveland Clinic and your hometown doctor. We stay connected with your doctor at home before and after surgery, and you'll continue post-surgical care at home under his or her direction. Do not feel bad about seeking a second (or third) medical opinion — and understand that your doctor wants you to do the same as they would do for their own health. Cleveland Clinic has the country's leading heart center, and choosing to receive a procedure/treatment here is a health decision that your doctor will respect.
What happens if Cleveland Clinic does not agree with my home physician's opinion/treatment plan?
Cleveland Clinic collaborates with hometown doctors pre- and post-surgery, so your hometown doctor is always informed about your care. It's always the patient's choice to decide how to proceed based on information provided by the Cleveland Clinic physician.
What happens when I return home after surgery?
Before you leave Cleveland, the Cleveland Clinic team schedules your follow up appointment with your hometown physician.  The Cleveland Clinic care team is also available for questions any time after you return home.  Additionally, Cleveland Clinic caregivers will check in on your progress at 7, 14 and 30 days post-surgery.

* Certain restrictions apply for members of the HDHP plan.